Nuru Massage – Nicole Doshi Drains Your Balls With Happy Ending Therapy (Full Version)


Nicole Doshi is welcoming her newest massage client, Will Pounder, to her home massage studio. They exchange greetings, and Nicole inquires about the reason behind Will’s decision to book a massage with her. Is he experiencing stress? Does he have muscle cramps? Will explains that his job has been particularly demanding lately, leaving him feeling lost and on edge. He expresses the need for something truly relaxing.

Fortunately, Nicole has just the massage technique for Will: a NURU massage. This specialized massage is guaranteed to alleviate all his worries. Although it’s Will’s first time experiencing this type of massage, he is open to anything that can help relieve his anxiety. Following Nicole’s guidance, Will undresses and lies down on the nearby massage mattress.

Nicole applies gel to her own body, ensuring her skin is smooth and slippery, before proceeding to glide her body over Will’s back and front. The intense and soothing sensations Will experiences are unlike anything he has felt before; it is truly remarkable! As time passes, it becomes evident that Will’s pleasure extends beyond the massage itself. Nicole is understanding and offers to provide him with an additional treat that is guaranteed to alleviate his concerns. They engage in sensual, wet intimacy on the mattress, with Nicole going above and beyond to satisfy her new client.

Actors: Nicole Doshi